Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My photos on the web - without my permission

Not a happy post today I’m afraid.
It has come to my attention that my photos are being stolen and used around the web without my knowledge or approval.

Don't ever think that the photos you take are not good enough. One day you will find your pictures on othe websites, just like I did. And it hurts.

Images are an important aspect of blogging. If you're placing your photographs on the Internet, you'll want to make sure you protect your rights to those images. I learned my lesson. Unfortunately we learn from our mistakes. I will copyright my photos, I will watermark them I will do whatever it takes. I am not a pro, but I love to take pictures and I don’t want anybody to use them without my permission.

I have 3 blogs, one of them is Scarsdale Diet Recipes. Pictures from my blog are on different sites.

Here is my post:

Here is one website that used my photo:
Another website is
It is easy to steal a photo to rotate it to crop it and to post it on your blog. That doesn't make it yours. 
I took those photos and it drives me crazy to see them on somebody elses site.
So I now need to rethink what I’m doing, and whether to keep doing the blog or not. I didn’t post anything for a while because I was sad and upset. I am sure many of you are working hard to prepare the material for a blog. Me too. I prepare all the food, I take the photos, I spend time writing the recipes and when I find my photos on websites or blogs without my permission, well it hurts. And they don’t even bother to give me credit for my work with a link to my blog.

I don’t mind that my photos be shared as long as I am credited, but I have not been credited.

I will contact everyone and I will ask for the photos to be taken down or to mention my blog by posting a link with my blog.


Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.

Thanks. Anita