Monday, June 10, 2013

Apple Ginger Shot

I’ve totally fallen in love with juicing!
Last night I made my first apple ginger shot. The first sip felt like all my taste buds exploded! The ginger has a strong kick. Woooow, first you feel the apple and then the ginger. Soooo good, ohhh. Don't sip it, just drink it like a shot that is the best way to drink it.
Next time I will try pure ginger juice. Wish me good luck :-)

(for 2 shots)

1 large apple
1 piece of ginger (size of thumb)

Process the ginger root through the juicer than the apple.
Pour into a glass and serve immediately. 
The amount of ginger root you use will depend on your individual taste.

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  1. This sounds tasty!! And straight ginger juice? You're brave! :)

  2. Apple ginger shot is good boost for the health during winter here in Australia. Thx for dropping by my blog and ur kinds words Anita!

  3. Hi Anita, thanks for sharing this refreshing juice. It look good.

    Have a nice week ahead.

  4. Hi Anita - thank u for visiting my space,you are my 100th follower :) I shall post a cake for u your new follower..good wishes!!

    1. Oh wow, that would be amazing. A cake just for me ... I love it. Thank you

  5. The apple ginger shot sounds like it would make for a great juicing idea. Those are two powerful flavors. Most people would avoid using pure ginger juice for a slightly weaker alternative. This also seems like the type of juice you could try to make yourself feel better if you are congested.


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